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This cookie policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience on our website. We inform you that this information is written in fulfillment of the obligations set out in EU Regulation 679/2016 and in Art. 10 of the Directive no. 95/46/EC , as well as the provisions of Directive 2002/58 / EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136 / EC, regarding Cookies and, finally, pursuant to art. 122 of the Privacy Code (“Codice della Privacy”) and the Provision of the Guarantor of 8 May 2014 (“Provvedimento del Garante”). 

Data Controller 

The Data Controller is Studio Croce –  Accountants & Lawyers (hereafter “Studio Croce”)  based in Via Statuto 10, 20122 – Milan (Italy).

Contact details of the data controller: 

  1. Telephone: 02/6597600  
  2. E-mail: studio@studio-croce.it

This website collects some Personal Data from its Users. We use cookies to personalize content ads and to analyze our traffic. By continuing to browse, you accept the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.

Cookies are small text files created by the website and stored on the user’s computer when he accesses a particular site, with the purpose of storing and transporting user information in order to improve the service offered. 

Cookies are sent by a web server (which is the computer on which the visited website is running) to the user’s browser (for example: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc.) and stored on the computer of the latter; they are then sent back to the website at the time of subsequent visits. 

The information contained in cookies can be used to track the exploration carried out on other websites that use the same cookie. 

Cookies are classified according to the duration and the site that set them, so depending on the individual objectives, different cookies are used. 

Type of cookies used:

Session’s cookies 

Session cookies are stored temporarily in the memory of your device (PC, Tablet, etc.) while browsing a site, for example, to keep track of the chosen language. Session cookies remain stored on your computer for a short period of time and are therefore erased when you close the Web browser.

Technical cookies 

This type of cookie allows the proper functioning of certain sections of the Website. This Website uses only technical cookies, those used for the sole purpose of “transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the User to provide this service” (pursuant to Article 122, par. 1, of the Code). 

They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. 

They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas); 

  • to technical cookies when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site; 
  • functional cookies, which allow the User to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the User. 

For the installation of these cookies, the prior consent of Users is not required, while it is necessary to provide the related information as per art. 13 of the Code, that the Site manager, in case only such devices are used, will provide with the modalities that the manager will deem appropriate.

The acquisition and processing of data deriving from the use of technical cookies is mandatory for consulting the Site. In the event of opposition by the User, it will not be possible to view the Site completely. Excluding technical cookies, the general rule for “The storage of information in the terminal equipment of a contractor or a user or access to information already stored” remains the prior and informed consent of the user (opt-in). This means that all cookies that do not qualify as “technical” that present greater risks from the point of view of protecting the private sphere of Users, such as those used for profiling and marketing purposes, cannot be installed on the users’ terminals if these have not been adequately informed before and have not given valid consent in this regard.

Third-party cookies 

This type of cookie integrates features developed by third parties within the pages of the Site such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the contents of the Site or for the use of third-party software services (such as software for the generation of maps and additional software that offer additional services. These cookies are sent from third-party domains that offer their functionality between the pages of the Site. 

For these types of cookies, the consent can be expressed by the User with one or more of the following methods: 

  • Through specific configurations of the browser used or the related computer programs used to navigate the pages that make up the site. 
  • changing the settings in the use of third-party services 

The following cookies are present on some of the pages of the Site. 

The explanation below illustrates in more detail the cookies used on our Site and related purposes. 

Your consent applies to the following website: www.studio-croce.it

If you want to change your consent, please inform the Data Controller.

Cookies necessary for navigation 

The necessary cookies help to make a website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to protected areas of the site.The website can not function properly without these cookies. 

Name: cookie_notice_accepted
Purpose: Register acceptance at the continuation of navigation on the site after clicking on “Accept” in the brief information banner
Deadline: 1 year
Type: http Cookie

Name: wp-settings-1
Supplier: WordPress
Purpose: It allows the optimized display of the wordpress site and the use by the administrator 
Deadline: 1 year
Type: http Cookie

Name: wp-settings-time-1
Supplier: WordPress
Purpose: It allows the optimized display of the wordpress site and the use by the administrator 
Deadline: 1 year

Statistical cookies 

Statistical cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with sites by collecting and transmitting information in an anonymous form. 

Name: _dc_gtm_UA
Supplier: google-analytics.com
Purpose: Profiling cookies used for tracking Google Analytics.
Deadline: end of session
Type: Pixel Tracker

Name: _ga
Supplier: google-analytics.com
Purpose: This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier (Customer ID). It is used to distinguish users through data collected anonymously and in aggregate form. No information identifying a visitor is collected. 
Deadline: 2 year
Type: Http Cookie

Through the Sitesome third-party cookies are installed, which are activated by clicking “OK” on the banner. 

A detailed list of the individual third-party cookies used on the site, as well as the links through which the user can receive more information and request the deactivation of cookies. 

Google Analytics

 the Site Google Analytics is used. 

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. which uses “cookies” that are stored on your device with which it collects your personal data. Google uses this information to enable statistical analysis in aggregate form for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and Internet use. 

would underline, in any case, that the cookies of third parties installed on the Site are made anonymous to guarantee the privacy of our users. 

Method of treatment 

The treatment is carried out with automated toolsNo dissemination or communication of data is made. 

Provision of data 

Except for technical cookies strictly necessary for normal browsing, the provision of data is left to the will of the person who decides to browse the site after having read the brief information contained in the specific banner and take advantage of the services involving the installation of cookies. 

The interested party can therefore avoid the installation of cookies by keeping the banner (thus abstaining by closing it by clicking on the “OK” button, as well as through the specific functions available on his own browser. 

Management and deactivation of cookies 

addition to what is indicated in this Policy, the user can manage and eliminate preferences related to cookies directly within his browser and prevent – for example – that third parties can install any. 

Through the preferences of the browser it is also possible to delete the cookies installed in the past, including the cookie in which the consent to the installation of cookies by this Site is possibly savedIt is important to note that disabling all cookies, the operation of this Site could be compromised. 

Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. The user can obtain more detailed information regarding the options for disabling cookies through the links below: 

  •     More information on disabling cookies on Firefox 
  •     ore information on disabling cookies on Chrome 
  •     More information on disabling cookies on Internet Explorer 
  •     More information on disabling cookies on Safari 
  •     More information on disabling cookies on Opera 

From mobile devices: 

  •     More information on disabling cookies on Android 
  •     More information on disabling cookies on IOS 
  •     More information on disabling cookies on Windows Phone 


By using this site, the user gives his consent to the processing of his data and the use of cookies, as provided by this Information. If you do not intend to give your consent to the processing, you must immediately stop browsing the Site. Continuation of navigation on the Site will be equivalent to a positive consent. 

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