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Studio Croce
– Accountants & Attorneys gathers
a group of specialised professionals
such as accountants and lawyers
who can boast more than thirty years of
experience in the field of tax and legal consultancy.

Studio Croce Studio Croce – Commercialisti e avvocati

Studio Croce offers all the accounting and consultancy services in the corporate, legal and tax matters to all types of companies (corporations, partnerships, individual firms, professionals) and to individuals, that cover the most different aspects of entrepreneurial life, varying from the most various corporate steps (incorporation, mergers, spin-off, transfer of going concerns) to all the fulfilments required by law, from the normative updating to the drafting of opinions on tax and legal matters, from the drafting of contracts (leasing, agency, distribution, transfer of shares) to assistance both in-court and extrajudicial in a wide range of legal and tax cases.

Thanks to specialized professionals, clients can solve the doubts and problems in the tax and legal field in an absolutely clear and understandable way with a trouble solving approach that in the years proved to be absolutely efficient both time- and cost-wise, without of course compromising anything as to the quality and the high added value of the services provided.
The competence and capabilities of the Studio Croce professionals allow clients to have a single reference contact for the resolution of the most various business or personal issues, not only in the fiscal and corporate field but in all areas of civil law.
Studio Croce in fact offers a true support service to individuals and entrepreneurs in the fields of tax, legal and corporate consulting. The support of the clients in the management of the various aspects of the company's life constitutes not only an added value for the attainment of a targeted business growth, but today it has become an indispensable aspect for any successful entrepreneur who cannot afford not to have at his side professionals that are qualified and aware of each unique company reality with its peculiarities and its specific needs.

This is what Studio Croce intends when talking about client support: chartered accountants and lawyers able to provide quality services and targeted consulting to facilitate the choices of those who make business.

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